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It is the core of Health & Safety Home company business. Based on the extended experience of our team, HSH has brilliant solutions for medical management problems of multinational & national companies. 
medical management services
For Companies & Factories
For Insurance & Healthcare companies
  • Management of local health facilities as company clinic, polyclinic,.....

  • Providing of competent healthcare workers as Doctors, nurses & administrators

  • Management  of self medical insurance program (setting, implementing, monitoring)

  • HR consultation concerning insurance programs (medical, life, accidents,...). HSH helps companies to get the best deal with a reputable insurance companies and ensures excellent services according to the insurance policy.

  • Outsourcing company for providing well trained competent healthcare workers (Doctors On Site, nurses & administrators). HSH is not only an ordinary recruiter, but training, monitoring and continuous improvement are our responsibilities.

  • HSH works as a broker for different types of insurance program (life, medical, accidents,...).

For health facilities
  1. Management of health facilities as Hospitals, Medical centers, Lab., Radiology centers,.........

  2. Outsourcing company for providing competent healthcare workers as doctors, nurses, administrators & technicians in different medical specialities.

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