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Health and Safety Home provides several services which cover all aspects of health and safety for your company.
About us
Health and Safety Home is a unique comapany that has brilliant solutions for all health and safety problems for national and multinational companies.
occupational health programs
Occupational Health  Occupational Hygiene 

Health and Safety Home programs can manage all occupational hazards for your employees and workers.

If you plan to make your company or factory in an excellent hygienic status, you should consult Health and Safety Home.
occupational safety

In cooperation with your  industrial safety teams, we can help you to maintain safe workplace environment.

Workplace Accommedation

  • Personal Protective Equipments 

  • Evacuation plan Chemical safety

  • Fire protection

  • Vehicle fleet Safety


medical management

It is the most important item in successing of any health and safety program. we train healthcare workers and employees of multinational and national companies as well as insurance and healthcare companies.
Based on our extended experience and qualifications of our staff, Health & Safety Home can provide different packages of medical mamagement for companies, factories, insurance companies, healthcare companies, hospitals, medical centers and Labs.
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