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It is one of the basic services that is conducted by Health & Safety Home in a professional way according to the international standards.

for health care workers (doctors, nurses, admin.)
Insurance and health care companies
  Companies & Factories
  1. Training as a part of outsourcing contract for Doctor On Site program

  2. First aid & medical emergencies

  3. Health data base system  


  1. First aid & medical emergencies

  2. Intiation, recording & keeping of employees medical files

  3. Health data base sysytem

employees & workers
  1. First aid

  2. Workplace hazards and ways of prevention

  3. Early symptoms of related occupational diseases

  4. Ergonomics hazards and measures to avoid these hazards

  5. Personal Protective Equipments 

  6. Medical Emergency Response Plan (MER plan)

  7. Chemical safety

  8. Product safety

  9. Fire protection

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